"Jodie Marie" Electrolysis -                          "Be Hairfree, Be Carefree"

Testimonials / Comments

Elaine M.
Jodie has a great manner about her and understands my needs.

Sarah R.
I've had blend treatments in the past, at first I was skeptical about thermolysis treatments but after experiencing it (thermolysis) with Jodie, I'm a believer, the comfort level was noticeably better over blend.

David H.
Very relaxing when Jodie treats me.  I would definitely recommend her.

Kathy H.
I would like to write to all of you about a wonderful woman who is a friend and now my Electrologist. Jodie has worked on me for over a year now and I must say she is Pain Free!  About 30 years ago I had to see a electrologist due to hair on my chin and at that time it was so painful. With the machine Jodie uses it’s so comfortable!  Jodie has a little saying "Be Hairfree, Be Carefree " I feel wonderful after I see her and I know I look GREAT!! If you are looking for a person who truly cares about you and how you look, give Jodie a call.  Kathy H.

This is way better than I expected.

Linda K.  I found Jodie to be very professional and comfortable to be with.  Her approach to electrolysis is refreshing and she has cool music too.  Go see Jodie.

Beth R. I'm no longer having to drive to the bay area for treatments. I wish I would have found Jodie sooner. 

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